Welcome to my new web site

My name is Cooper, an awesome chihuahua, and I hope to use my new web site to teach other dogs like yourself how to be just as awesome as I am. The site is currently under construction, so keep checking back as I am adding content as quickly as possible!

I'll have articles about training to be a good dog which is very important. All dogs need to participate in some sort of training every day to keep their minds active. I'll also have information about food so you can keep your body healthy while you train. My little brother, Henry, will review toys and treats for us and there will be tons of links to things to help make your life better.

I hope you enjoy my web site and find some useful information. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

I'll also have a training tip of the month to help your human when training. This month's tip is below.

Cooper's Tip

Remember that patience is always the key to any good training experience. While the human knows what they want to their canine companion to accomplish, the dog has no clue. Humans and animals do not speak the same language, so it's important to keep the training positive and allow your dog the time to process and understand what's being asked of him or her.

When you become frustrated, your body language and tone of your voice changes and it sends the wrong signals to your dog, taking the fun and the positivity out of the experience. Once that happens, your dog will be unwilling to participate and you will have to start all over.

No matter how frustrating it becomes, always remember your dog does not know what you're talking about and your job is to teach. Dogs are like people - some learn at a slower pace than others, so keep things positive and engage your dog for as long as it takes. He or she will eventually catch on.